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Concrete Garden Ornaments…let’s be honest, we all love them! From a typical garden gnome to a graceful Roman statue, there is a huge range of different garden ornaments that somebody will love and want to have in their garden. I’m guessing you're reading this guide because you're curious to how people actually make them? Or maybe you're looking for a new business venture in your spare time? Or you could be just looking for a new hobby? Whatever it may be, this guide is here to give you all the essential information you could possibly need to get you on...

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We felt we needed a bit of a freshen-up, a refurbishment to bring our website back into 2017 with a bang! We're always trying to develop and improve our services to our customers, so along with months of planning, design concepts and testing, we're proud to launch our new look website for you!With a whole host of added extras, we hope you find the website easy to use, find what you're looking for and order with a click of a button! We'll be bringing you the latest news every month, updating our special offers category and sending out exclusive discounts...

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